Wolfram Metal Recyclers, is a Perth based scrap metal recycling yard, with 45 years of experience within the scrap metal industry. WMR is a privately-owned scrap metal recycling business.

Wolfram Metal Recyclers buys all metals and specialise in Tungsten, Titanium, Nickel Alloys & Stainless Steel. We provide reliable and trustworthy service to everyone.

Wolfram cater to everyone’s needs, providing:

  • Weigh & Pay service to all Plumbers, Electricians, Mechanics, ETC (this also includes general public).
    One of our friendly staff members will come to your home or business and weigh your scrap metal in front of you, we will then pay cash in hand on the day.
  • Wolfram can also provide semi-trucks and flat top truck for loads that are unable to fit into our bins.
    We also have a wide range of bins from different sizes for everyone’s scrap metal needs.
  • White goods disposal (NO Pickup).
  • Automotive batteries and any other scrap metal (ferrous and non-ferrous metals).
  • Offering local, national and international buy and sell of scrap metal.

Wolfram Metal Recyclers is a versatile Perth based company, which operates locally, nationally and overseas.

In 2017, we opened our first yard, now customers are welcome to bring Scrap Metal to us. We are located in the industrial area of Port Kennedy and offer buy and sell services for scrap metal in Perth, Australia and overseas.

Our service is 100% guaranteed and always reliable.

Tips and Knowledge on Scrap Metal

Tools of the Trade

A Magnet used for Identifying/ Assessing Metal Value
Magnet is used to distinguish ferrous from nonferrous metals, here is how to distinguish the two:

  • If the magnet sticks, it’s a ferrous metal.
    Metals like steel and iron fall under this category. Due to these metals being easily available, ferrous metals will not amount to much.
    These metals will still be accepted at WMR and we will pay you for them.
  • If the magnet doesn’t stick, you have a nonferrous metal.
    Copper and aluminium are nonferrous and are worth more then ferrous metals. Reason being is they have greater resistance against corrosion, have higher conductivity and weigh less.

Containers for Sorting
Containers are used for sorting out the scrap metal.
We have a container for every type of scrap metal, and all metal gets sorted into there like metals.

Tips for when you come to see WMR:

  • Sort your metals into there correct type of metal (i.e copper with copper and aluminium with aluminium)
    As WMR might charge you with a sorting fee or we may pay you based on the least valuable metal in the bunch. (i.e If you have aluminium and copper in a single container. WMR will likely pay you based on the price per kilo of the aluminium. This is something you don’t want as copper is a higher value.)
  • Processing
    Sorting, cleaning and removing contamination off the metal is not allowed on site

    Basic Knowledge of Metals

    Knowing the difference between scrap can help you with estimating the value you have of scrap.

  • Ferrous Metals

Steel – Will stick to a magnet like its life depends on it. It’s one of the cheapest and heaviest metals. Steel can be found in old washing machines.

Iron – Is also magnetic. It is one of the most recycled metals, as it is easy to reprocess. Iron can be found in whitegoods.

  • Nonferrous Metals

Copper – Is one of the most valuable metals. It can be a dark brown colour if worn or a reddish colour when in good condition. Copper can be found in computer cables, power cords, plumbing pipes and extensions cables.

Aluminium – Won’t stick to magnets but may look like steel. Aluminium can be found in window frames, bicycles and motorbikes.

Stainless Steel – Contains 70% Iron but is still considered a nonferrous metal and is a higher price per kilo. Reason being is it is at least 8% nickel. Appliances and kitchenware as well as automotive equipment contains stainless steel. Looks like regular steel but is not magnetic.

Brass – is a combination of zinc and copper. It is a heavy metal with a yellowish colour, with a touch of red. It can often take a greenish appearance when left outside for a period of time. Brass is found it keys, valves and doorknobs.

Bronze – is a product of nonferrous metals including copper, tin, manganese, zinc, aluminium and nickel. Distinguishing it from brass and copper can be tricky, one way to tell is bronze is corrosion resistant.

Lead – is corrosion resistant and has excellent flexibility as it can be shaped into something without breaking. While it is flexible and soft, lead is heavy which makes it a good fit for wheel weights and pipes.


At WMR we can help you identify which metal is what either by appearance or specific devices on hand to test the metals.

For more information on metals click on Scrap Metal and then click which metal you’re after information on.

Tips for Collecting and Getting More Value Out of Your Scrap

Start from your home
A lot of common household items have precious recyclable metals in them, from electrical wires, pipe fittings, lighting strips and more.
WMR will pay for air conditioner units while white goods like fridges, freezers and washing machines we will take off your hands for free.
Clean and Sort Your Scrap
WMR will pay extra for prepared scrap that has been trimmed down to size and have no extra attachments.
–  While we will accept copper wiring with insulating still around, removing this material is in your best interest as value for the copper without insulation goes up.

Remember metals have different grades, Copper for example has 4 varieties.
Bright copper wire has not coating, no insulation just pure copper wire.
Copper #1 is clean copper tube without paint, welds or attachments. Copper #1 is also green copper wire and hair wire.
Copper #2 is copper with paint and welds, its also tarnished and lacquered copper
Domestic Copper is copper tube with brass attachments it is 80% copper and 20% brass.

Check out These Hot Spots
Apartment Complexes
These can be a consistent source of scrap metal. Approach the maintenance officers in charge and ask them to let you know if they need to dispose of any metal trash and be sure to leave them with your name and contact details.
Construction Sites
Scrapping from a construction site can be quite profitable. But you will need permission from contractors before taking from site. Some construction companies sell their scrap themselves.
Mechanic Shops
Can have all different types of scrap metal from break disc, engines, electric motor, batteries and more. Remember to always ask the owners of the auto shops before taking and always leave your name and contact details for when they have more scrap available.

Keep the Thieves at Bay
Make sure where you store your scrap metal it is always in a secure place. Scrap metal can be worth a bit of money and thieves might find your scrap metal something of interest.

Know your Local Scrap Metal Yards

Without local scrap yards you would have nowhere to take your scrap and exchange it for cash.


Wolfram Metal Recyclers are located at 3 Bessemer Rd, Port Kennedy.
At WMR we offer weigh and pay services from Busselton to Geraldton.

To find out more about Wolfram Metal Recyclers and what we can do for you please feel free to visit us today, call 08 9524 5080 or fill in our online enquiry form.